Bare-rooting plants?

ellieengland(92116)June 6, 2007

Hey guys!

I have a small "nursery" and I am in trade with someone who has requested that I bare-root plants prior to shipping. I think I can do that with cuttings but I am not so sure about established plants.

The plants in question are Lapageria rosea, Deppea splendens, Worsleya procera, Griffinia hyacinthina, and so forth. The lapagerias are somewhat touchy about their roots so I dunno if I can do that. The other plant is in the coffee family and is not too senstive but not super hardy either. Does anyone think this is do-able for these kinds of plants? They do not "go dormant", BTW. I am not sure about the Griffinia but the others don't go totally dormant - the first two grow actively all year.

Any imput is appreciated!



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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Yes, tolerances vary with the kind of plant. Sounds like you already suspect at least a few of these will not take it very well, should probably not try it with those.

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Thanks, bboy - I appreciate it. I know one guy in Chile who bareroots Lapagerias. I just dont see how is all... I guess I'm not comfortable doing it to that plant.


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I'd suggest experimenting with the process. If you're raising these plants for commerce, it's in your best interests to possibly sacrifice some for the purpose of learning what your limits are with them. Call it a cost of business, and see if they can take it. Duplicate the shipping process by barerooting a couple of plants, packing them up in some sort of media and packing material, and staging them to imitate various shipping times. Then unpack them, pot them up and see what happens.

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