My drawf Japanese maple

hamey(Z9 FLA Pasco County)May 28, 2007

Hey ya'll!

I have a beautiful acer palmatum pixie that is growing in my yard now 4 yrs. planted by me - I live in central fl. on the west coast. The tree came for NC in the winter. Anyhow my question is when do I see seed pods or something that indicates I can propagate her.. She is so beautiful and problem free I want MORE. I have never noticed a pod or anything seed looking in the past. Help me out with info please ? much appreciated. Karen

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The best way to propagate is to take 3 inch cuttings, remove all but 2 leaves, dip in rooting hormone, and stick into sterile potting medium. Keep damp, not wet, until roots get about 3" long. Then water 3 times a week. Keep out of humidity as much as possible and in light shade.

Good luck.


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