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andralusia(Z6 Germany)May 16, 2005


I got some great advice from you all a few weeks ago concerning the pothos that I rescued from the trash can, now I need more! I have cut off all the dead stuff and repotted them. I also have a few in water. Now for my questions. The ones I have in water, 2 of the 6 have A root. Is this ok? Should I plant it now with only one root? How long should I let the root get before planting? Also, about these cuttings, I have to change the water ALL the time. It gets so slimy and has this white "stuff" floating in it. Anyone know what this is or why it is happening? Now, for the other ones already in the pots, how to I make them "leafier"? They just have one or two stems with a few leaves. I want to eventually make them big and bushy...any suggestions? Thanks to you all for the help you have given me, hopefully I can have a few nice plants when this is all said and done. (The ones in the water have been there for about 3 weeks)

Thanks in advance!

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You don't have to even root them in water (yes, the water can get slimy if you don't change it often). As long as you keep the soil moist, just pot your cuttings with at least a couple of the brown nubs buried in the soil. Almost guaranteed to root. As for making them bushier, after the stems grow to about 15", you can just snip or break them off halfway down and pot the broken pieces. I believe the original vine should branch out if you do this.

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