Destroyed maple cultivars

javo(6)May 24, 2007

Last week during a morning I found in my back yard my 3 months maple cuttings pulld out of its pots, the soil was also spread all over the floor, I felt so concerned about the reason what could make that, no kids, no pets, all the work and time I spent taking care of them and everything lost. I opted planting the cuttings back again to pots and most of them faded to death, a few cuttings left survived and look ok but today it happened the worse!!! beside of finding all the cuttings out of the soil again now happened more than that... I found many of my 1 year japanese maple cultivars broken and a few of them pulled out of its pots. I turned mad watching all my beloved plants destroyed, I talked to my neighbors about my problem, there is not manner a stranger (human) could brake into my property and do that, I live 7 years in this place and never happened something like that, they suggested me about an animal could be de responsable of the vandaism. I live in the city in a house with back yard, behind there is a 1 block sized park and there are a lot of squirrels. Please help me suggesting me what could be the cause of the problem and what should I do in the case animals would be doing that. I feel so sad watching all my young japanese maples broken and died.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

javo, I am so sorry for your problems. I strongly suspect that squirrels might be the culprits in this vandalism, or even racoons. Squirrels dig into containers to hide a store of food, or even to see if there is anything for them to eat.

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Agree. Bushy-tailed tree rats. This is their common M.O.
Time to terminate with extreme prejudice. They're not an endangered species...just vermin.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

I've had squirrels dig up small oaks in pots I grew from acorns before in places they leave everything else alone. Darn little fellas. This has to be very annoying for you.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Squirrels dug up all my rose of sharon plants last spring. I had them in containers until I decided where to plant them. Now I have oak trees coming up from the roots.

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