Standard Roses

greengirl144June 26, 2007

I love standard roses and I would like to create one from a Morden Blush that grows very well here. At the moment my plan is to buy a very small runt. Then prune it until it has one main stalk. Then stake it and prune any lateral branches. I would go out and buy a standard rose but it's way to cold for anything to be available for sale here. I would love some advice from someone who has actually created standard roses, I am flying by the seat of my pants and think I might be on the fast track to killing an innocent rose.

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Standard roses are grafted - in fact, they are double grafted. Typically there will be a rootstock that is grafted to a clear stem or trunk, then a top graft with the featured rose on top. This double grafting - specifically the top graft - is typically what makes standard roses less hardy than a single graft or own-root roses. In your climate, even commercially grown standard roses would have a tough time in winter and most likely should be brought under protection.

I guess you could try the method you propose and see what happens but I'd be very uncertain about your chances for success in creating a well-formed, viable standard.

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