Wandering Jew from leaves?

avajayMay 23, 2009

While leaving the local greenhouse today, I found 2 orphaned, healthy houseplant stems laying by my car. I figured that they had fallen off of someones just-bought plant, and I just picked them up and took them with me. Upon returning home, I called my mom to ask about rooting this mystery stranger, and she said just to do a glass of water or root in starter mix, as I had told her it looks like a purple philo or rhodo, something vining. Well, I thought time was against me, so I just experimented with many propagation methods....the African Violet cut leaf, the bare stem, and since I had several healthy leaves to work with, I tried the wound-the-vein-and-pin-it-flat-with toothpicks-into-damp-medium method (all methods were done with powdered rooting hormone). After about 15 or so different pots, all covered with plastic, I had time to google "veriagrated green purple vine", and found a pic of my orphan. Now, as much as all the posts that I've seen by now of this plant's ability to reproduce, will my leaf experiments prove successful? All are covered with clear plastic, I think I need to provide some air punctures, and I will put them where they'll get light, but not direct sun. While googling, I can't find an instance where someone has said that a Wandering Jew can propagate by any leaf methods. Who's got an idea?

Thanks in advance,


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have never tried your method on this plant & willbe interested in hearing your results.
I use a single leaf with a piece of stem attached. I apply 0.1% IBA (Rooting hormone) & mist

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