All of my peppers are thriving... except my habaneros??

golgiJuly 31, 2011

I have 16 pepper plants in my garden, 5 of which are green bell peppers, the rest are a random mix of hot peppers. All of the plants are growing beautifully, and producing LOTS of peppers, except my two habanero plants. The plants are growing nicely, and have been throwing off several blooms... however, they never actually grow into peppers. Seems like a few days after the blossom shows up, it turns yellow and falls off.... ? Both of these peppers are in the same area as the other plants. Again none of the other plants have any problems. The other day I went out to the garden to check them, and there were several of those nasty green flies all over the habanero plants. What on Earth would they want with habanero blossoms??

If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I would love to hear it. My husband and I make a wonderful habanero jelly each year, and not only will we be upset if we can't make it, so will many members of our family and friends!

Thanks so much!

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the green flies Im not sure about w/o a pic, usually blossom drop is either caused by too much heat too much wind, over or underwatering,or too much fertilizer(nitrogen in particular) if all the other peppers are ok, it is probably the later, are they all in the same spot, do they all get watered fertilized @ the same rate, how long has it been dropping blossoms? these are questions we might need to get answers to in order to give u proper feedback plus a pic always helps we love pics :)

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Small shiny green, blue, or copper colored flies are probably Longlegged flies. These are good guys so don't kill them. They eat soft bodied insects and mosquito larva.

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