Just a note to any landscaper professionals...

diddlydooJune 16, 2006

If you can't make an appointment, plase have the courtesy to call the client and let them know.

Twice this has happened to me. The first guy didn't bother to call to tell me he couldn't make it, so I didn't bother with him again and found another guy.

He put me down for today at 5:30. He didn't call me to tell me he couldn't make it and again, I won't be using him. To me that is just plain rude not to call and let someone know you can't make it.

You may be busy, but be upfront and let customers know you're too busy and you'll get back with them. It's just poor customer service and a good way to lose customers.

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks all of you who helped me with my questions.

...now on to find someone else AGAIN!!!.. errrrrrrr

I'm in upstate SC. Know any good dependable people?

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It is too bad that you are not finding responsible people, but to project your experience to all of us in general while at the same time asking for help is rude.

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One of the most frustrating features of working in an industry like ours is that seasons are perceived as being independant of one another. A garden (yard) will continue to develop through all seasons with the period we are now in being the most exuberant. This is the busiest time for all people who work in the green industry and logically not the time to call someone to design and install a garden for you before your sons graduation on June 22nd. Yet this what happens. In an attempt to satisfy this unreasonable demand it is not uncommon for landscapers to stretch themselves too thin and it only takes the non-appearance of an employee or a week of rain to really set the cat among the pigeons. So my note to anyone wanting work done by a landscape professional is to choose some other time than the middle of June to contact them.

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I didn't mean to be rude. You read too much into it. I was venting because this is my first experience with needing this type work done (my first home). I realize this is the busy season, but I just don't understand anyone not taking a couple of minutes and just calling and explaining why I shouldn't be waiting around for them to show up. It's just rude...no matter what type business.

Don't accept the job or say you will show up if you have no plans. If you get busy, then pick up the cell phone and call your other appt and say you won't be able to make it and would like to reschedule.

No, I don't have a 20,000 job for them, but that's no reason to be ignored. Word of mouth should mean something and I would think they would want to make potention customers happy too....even if not large dollar jobs.

I'm just venting because of my experience. I wished it had been better. I'm not linking all landscape people/professionals into the same group. I'm just venting and telling what's happening to me. I know there are some good dependable ones out there and I'm still looking and will find him.

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I know many a job that has been landed because the contracter was simply on time. Seems like such a small thing, don't it?

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