Easy propagation chamber (continued)

stuartnMay 21, 2009

As Janie's original post has created so much interest over the years, I thought I'd add some beginner's thoughts.

It seems to me the clever thing about this method is the clay pot releasing just the right amount of water to keep the medium damp but not wet. I'm using perlite, based on the idea that it can only hold x amount of water within its structure, so that in theory it's impossible to overwater. However, because it floats, you're never sure how much water may be swilling about at the base of a sealed container.

I've soaked and then strained the perlite in a sieve and put it in the container with the clay pot, but I guess beginners always worry that it won't be damp enough at the surface. My observation is that water wicks upwards through perlite to a height of at least 4", but I'd be interested to know the thoughts of others on the subject.

Also, belated thanks to Janie for the original post

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Yes, I also was very interested in that method when I first read it just a couple weeks ago. I'm sadly behind the power curve and just started building a cloning machine, which I read about a couple years ago. I think the perlite will stay moist for a long time if the water is standing on the bottom of the container, since it will wick upwards until it's all dry. As long as the stems are not sitting on the bottom of the container, they should have adequate moisture to sprout roots. Cheryl

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I loved this idea so much that I posted a link to it on my blog! I know it will work because it replicates the environment I had in my greenhouse with an intermitten mist system. I grew all sorts of things in there. I moved away from the greenhouse so guess what -I'm off to Wally World today!

Here is a link that might be useful: garden tips

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