rooting a cherry tree cutting

somaeMay 22, 2011

I recently got a cutting from a cherry tree (it seems to be a "shogetsu"). It was new growth and was green. I cut off the bark from the bottom inch and put rooting hormone and put it in peat. I put it in a large open ziplock (upside down) and have now added a little 1% peroxide since a little mold started growing.

I saw a few posts recommending removing leaves. This cutting has about 4 leaves on it (I removed the others). Are the leaves of any use for rooting or is it best to take them all off?


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Since there are no roots on the cuttings there is no way to replace the water lost through the leaves so yes yemove all but one leaf that will supply additional suggars for root formation & not deplete the water stored in the cutting
Also do NOT remove all the bark from the bottom of the cutting just removea small portion of the bark ...say 1 tenth of the bark...
need to remove the baggie several times a day to help preven fungal growth & to replace the air inside the bag...

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I think you have to root this under Intermittent Mist. See for information.

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