Year round profitable farm in SE Ontario?

sturgeonguy(5a ON)June 17, 2013

So, I have a chance to create a year round farm north of Toronto. Assume it would be organically certified, and I'd do all that it takes to manage it well.

Question is, I don't have enough outlets to sell to locally to consume the produce I could create. Where else can I sell? Is such an idea profitable? Are there coops to sell to in my region that puts it into the local grocery store?

Help me figure out where I should be looking for information. OMFRA sucks, COG sucks, all I read about is paying to be in more organizations. How do I connect with other people doing small scale year-round organic farming to get good info?


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You don't say what your region is. Ontario is a big, big place. Most regions have active farmer's markets and some provide marketing assistance to small growers.
How are you going to profitably grow in Ontario in November, December, January? Most greenhouse growers are in the Niagara area where it is warmest.

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Where are you located exactly? How far from Toronto? What are you thinking about growing?

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