What is the easiest flower to grow and keep alive?

subkultureJune 9, 2007

We are trying to start a flower garden and we want to plant flowers but we have had a few problems keeping flowers that we have bought alive. We are in Texas the weather is quite hot during the summer and want to plant seeds.

What is the easiest flower to grow?

What is the easiset flower to keep alive?

During summer?

All year winter?

Best all around flower to grow for a beginner?

Thanks, in advance!

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maineman(z5a ME)


Zinnias are easy to grow and they stand the heat well as long as you supply adequate water. If the soil can go dry, then moss rose (portulaca) can tolerate a lot of neglect, including infrequent watering.


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No not here. This is a beginning gardener question (or a joke) and not appropriate here. Sorry.

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your an idiot.

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"your (sic) an idiot"?? What the heck kind of response is that? And judging from the content of your question, it may be reasonable to assume that the shoe is actually on the other foot.

This is a forum for the discussion of issues concerning professional gardeners, which you obviously are not, and is NOT the correct forum for an inappropriate and virtually unanswerable question such as this. If you truly have a need to know, post your question on the 'New to Gardening' or the 'Texas Gardening' forums. But there is no simple answer - successful gardening does require some basic skills and knowledge.

And FWIW, a little politeness goes a long way and will typically engender much more generous responses.

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you have nothing better to do than police a gardening forum, thats pathetic.

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txjenny(z8 TX)

Wow, I read this and kind of wanted to post a follow-up, but somehow I'm speechless. If uncontrollable laughter doesn't count, that is...

I love this forum.

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Hello, I am not a professional gardener. However I do browse these forums to pick up any kind of advice I can from "the pros". Perhaps that is what this person is doing as well, getting information from the best source "a pro" not a weekend gardner. I understand to be a master gardner you have to do community service, but it seems as this forum is a country club. And if you are not part of the cliche then too bad. How hard would it be to respond to this persons question nicely rather than shoeing them off like a fly. You could even deter them from gardning. Which "a real pro" would never do, but encourage them.

That being said sub, my answer would be Daylilies. Easy to grow in most locations, as long as you give them water. But then I am not " a pro".

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Cosmos. They thrive in heat and poor soil and produce tons of seeds.

And subkulture, your comments will be a little more credible when you learn to spell. Just a thought.

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If one bothered to read the information posted at the top of the forum, it very clearly states that the intent of this particular forum is for the discussion of issues pertaining to the activities of professional gardeners. It is not intended to be a question and answer service for those seeking basic gardening advice - there are countless other GW forums that address those on very specific levels and much more appropriately. So why is it surprising or even considered inappropriate when a poster is directed to another site more suited to that particular inquiry? It happens all the time on other forums - maple questions on the Trees forum are directed to the Maples forum, soil questions in the Perennials forum are directed to Soils and Compost forum, etc. Basic gardening questions, and especially those from very inexperienced gardeners, are most often addressed and very thoroughly and carefully so on the New to Gardening forum. How is directing the poster to a more appropriate forum considered to be discouraging them?

I'm sorry but I find it more than a little irritating when regular participants to a very specific forum are chastised by non-participants for not delving into discussions that are non-related to the topics at hand. That is the very reason there are so dang many GW forums in the first place, so they can be topic-specific and not everything to every Tom, Dick and Harry that chooses to drop in.

And FWIW, master gardeners are not professional gardeners so I fail to see how that reference has any validity to the issue at hand anyway.

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Amen gardengal, well put. I found myself posting a few times in response to this thread, but I couldn't say anything nicely enough! And thank you for pointing out that master gardeners are not professional gardeners (yes, I know SOME professional gardeners ARE Master Gardeners). SVDBYBLD needs to lighten up and stay out of our "counrty club" if she doesn't like it. I noticed that the original poster never bothered to post again, nor did they post their question elsewhere.

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