too late for mums?

gllc21June 28, 2009

Ok last spring I posted on here about opening a nursery and I got some very good information .... plan, plan, plan. I still come back and read the posts but I am no where near a level to give any advice but I read everyone's. Well it just hit me that I did all this planning for spring which by the way went really good. Thanks!! Is it too late for me to order plugs for fall. Then I guess I should ask are they hard to grow? As I have done anything with mums but buy them and plant them in my yard. Will there be any special things I need to do? If so I may just want and order them in. Thanks for any and all input!!

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Yes, you are getting on the late side if you want the plants to size up at all. I have bench grown six-inch potted mums with cuttings starting in July, and I have also done mum hanging belden gardens with a 1st July start........but that's pushing the envelope for my latitude.

You'd have to really use only the very late blooming varieties with a late response and long budding time, or light them. Neither of which would make you very competitive with your sales. The early blooming varieties are already setting buds.

You know they are photoperiodic, IOW when the bloom is driven by response to day length. When the nights start getting longer (as they will from solstice on) and reach the magic number, the plants will stop their vegetative growth and start budding up.

We don't call them plugs, but rooted cuttings. You will also find they should be ordered in early. You'll only get the left-overs from the major suppliers by this date and have to take what varieties you can get. If you can get them at all. Basically, you've missed your window.

Both major breeders have websites with schedules on them for garden mums, depending on how you want to grow them. Check them out before you order and get your orders in early. They like a six week lead time before shipping.

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Your best bet for now is to buy prefinished mums and go from there. If you order rooted cutting today you will never get them in time to grow out a saleable plant.Next year order cuttings by February receive an early order discount take delivery in May and you should do well. Mums are very easy to grow when you start them on time... Bob.

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That is what I was scared of. I had thought of using more rooted cuttings per pot. I am just going to have to find another supplier b/c I do not get early sales and last year the ones I had got in looked bad by the time the people came & my supplier was out.

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where do you ordered your cuttings from? The only place I have seen is syngenta/yoder. Was wondering if any of you used anywhere else?

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