Need a small, dense shade tree or large shrub

cindythegardener(6)June 7, 2013

I have been planting, pruning and maintaining a property for years. At the front of the house, there is a corner that is dense shade. It is the corner of a garage that juts out before the and the other side is the front of the house. There is maybe 15' x 20' of dense shade that takes up a corner, and of course there is a gutter coming down in this corner. Over the years hollies were once planted and died. Then I planted Rhodies. The ones that grow past this densely shaded area are thriving and blooming. The ones in the dense shade have died.

I am at a standstill with the owner. She wants a tree to hide the gutter, then suggested yews... UGH... no way! I need help. I love to plant shade gardens, and I have no problem with the plants (which are ready to go in after I get this problem solved). Does anyone have an idea of a small tree that can go in this corner?

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Would Kerria japonica, Hydrangea quercifolia or Viburnum plicatum work?

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I can try. The woman is tough. Wants a small tree (that doesn't get big... of course... haha) to immediately cover the gutter. This is not your normal house either. It is huge. I will try and run off pictures of the shrubs you mentioned along with my suggestions. I am suggesting a Weeping Hemlock, although that will require pruning quite a bit, and I am trying to stay away from that. Sigh... I am such a standstill. Thank you for your help!

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