What degree is needed to own a nursery?

greenhouseguy13June 12, 2007

Hi everyone i wuld just like to introduce myself here and ask a question: My name is Kirk Simpson an i'm 15 and going into sophomore year high school I have been interested in gardening for 8 years now and I would like to pursue starting my own nursery out of college. My question is which degree is best to pursue to start your own nursery?

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Major in busines and minor in horticulture.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Listen to laag - he knows his stuff. I suggest you also get a part-time or summer job working at one to see what it's like. They'll probably have you loading bags of mulch and hauling heavy pots around at your age, but you'll get a real behind the scenes education. Plus, if you're reasonably responsible, you'll be able to move up VERY fast in the business - it's hard to find good people. Be helpful and friendly, and you'll develop lots of contacts that will help you later on in your career.

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It depends on the the type of nursery. For a retail nursery or garden center, laag's advice is excellent. It is a retail business first and foremost, and the product you sell is quite incidental to the operation. Many of the most successful owners of retail nurseries that I know have very little experience with plants personally - they are business people and are involved primarily with the functions of running a business profitably and marketing that business. Most hire "plant people" to buy, display, tend and sell the product.

If you are interested in a growing operation or a nursery that propagates, grows on and sells plants, generally wholesale, to other retail nurseries, then you may want to have a more in-depth horticultural background. The focus is entirely different. And there are hybrids that blend both types together as well.

Either way, working at both types of nurseries summers while you are attending school will certainly increase your understanding and give you a better feel of what may be the best fit for your interests and ambition.

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