cutting montauk daisies

kathy0925June 3, 2007

Can you propagate montauk daisies by cutting them?

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taxonomist(7b VA)

I have tried to induce rooting in these dasies by a large number of ways. Cuttings taken in early spring and in early fall and using 8000 ppm IBA gave zero results. These cuttings without IBA gave the same result. Cuttings in late fall just before a killing frost and using bottom heat and overhead mist also gave zero results.However, I am prepared to try late summer cuttings with 3000 ppm IBA, bottom heat, overhead mist, and a medium of peat/perlite 1:3 with reduced lighting.I certainly hope you have better luck.

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yourpal(z6 NJ)

Plant or stick your cuttings promptly into moist root media. Never plant or stick into dry root media.
Water the freshly planted, or stuck cuttings immediately with a fertilizer solution containing 200 to 300 ppm N from a complete N-P-K fertilizer like 20-10-20 or similar.
Keep the media moist and use constant liquid fertilization through the crop. Use 200 to 300 ppm N through the growing season, until the buds are almost ready to show color, then switch to clear water.
Provide adequate spacing to allow proper plant development and to avoid upright plants.
Make sure you spray to prevent powdery mildew and rust

Other people here on gardenweb have had success just by sticking the cuttings directly into soil in their gardens. So, go figure.

Personally, I just wait until the seedlings appear in the spring.

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