Wisteria Propagation

Grancru(z5 MI)May 21, 2006

Has anyone started witeria from cuttings? I have done some research and it appears fairly easy. 2-4 weeks for rooting. I plan to keep in pots for a few years.

From your experience how long does it take for a 6" cutting to flower? Is 5-10 years accurate? I am going to start mine now and transplant in 3 years. I hope to get flowers in 3-5 years after that.

Any thoughts? Or, possibly suggestions of other vines that are as interesting but flower quicker.


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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Take cuttings June through August. Apply 0.1% IBA (Rooting hormone) Stick in well drained soil & mist Takes 40-100 days. Should get flowers the next year The 3-5 years for flowering is for plants from SEED not cuttings. After rooting I lightly feed once a week & by the next spring they are ready to set out. I usually pick off the flowers the first year.....

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I have some wisteria that I have been training into trees and standards and they are coming up from the runners(vines) and they are flowering already and they are about a year or two old and are about 2 foot or better in height they seem to flower whenever they want to. The big one is flowering again!

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FLOWPOW2(Zone 7-8 bc. ca)

I just cut some new growth from an old plant, can I just stick the vines in water and put them by my sunless window for the winter ? Wiil they root ?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


Most woody plants cannot be rooted in water. Even the small minority that can do MUCH better and are MUCH easier to root when rooted in a potting medium. Follow Georgez5il's (or similar) advise. If you don't have a misting chamber (which I am almost positive you won't), just make a moisture tent out of a large jar, plastic sheeting, or a big tupperware-type storage box. Be careful to keep a CLOSE watch on soil moisture (not just on top, but down at root level - especially if you try to use something like typical potting soil). There are many threads in this forum that should cover your questions on the best potting medium (perlite or whatever).

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