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ilimaJuly 17, 2005

This is a touchy area so I want to be clear from the get go that I do not sell mailorder or by the internet. I made a website for my backyard nursery and have been doing all manner of things to get it to come up in a web search. That is how I found the GW. I want to stay here so I have no problem abiding by the rules. What has been happening though is that when I put in key words for searching for my site, the posts I have been doing in the GW are showing up on page one. Now that would be fine if I could link from there to my site, but it is verboten and I respect that. My site never shows up and it is months older than the posts I've done.

Now I can guess that it is all about money and advertising with search engines to get my site to show up directly, but in a way it is a bit creepy to have my posts show up on a Google search. To a certain extent it is a private conversation with you guys even though I'm finding out that once it's out there it isn't private in any way. I'm thinking what if my clients or potential customers read some of this? Do I need to learn the art of spin?

What kind of experience have some of you had with this?


Gratuitous shot of Aloe arborescens cause I know how to do that now.

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toyon(USDA 9b/Sunset 14 CA. (Sacram)

Download the toolbars the various search engines offer then visit your site. The information will be sent back and the search engine's bot will index the pages. Takes anywhere from a week to several months

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vouts(France Z8)


The most important thing to make sure you turn up on google, after making sure your homepage has the right search words in the opening text, is to get your site address referenced on as many other webpages as possible - directory listings, private webpages etc. Often its a case of contacting the site webmasters and proposing an exchange of links.

To get a google spider to visit and catalogue your website click on 'about google' on their homepage then add URL. You only ever need do this once.

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Thanks, Toyon and Vouts, I did the Google toolbar and am working on linking.

The otherwise silence on this post is curious. Hmmm?

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"To a certain extent it is a private conversation with you guys"
Not.... As you know now this is a very public forum...
and I'm quite sure if your clients knew where to look they would see your post.

Hope that's not your real name???

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ilima, my real name? No. I am a white boy from Florida. I am lucky my real name isn't Bubba or Bubba Joe.


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So you do stick out!

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Living in a small town on a small island and having a big mouth, I am an infamous legend in a small pond in my own mind. I am however a regular contributor to the local paper Letters to the Editor and I have to use my real name there. My clients do comment on that regularly. What I say there is more likely to piss people off than what I say in here so I quess I shouldn't worry to much about the posts showing up on Google and think of it as a good thing.


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They do love haoles over there, too. Probably a loud one even better. Keep up the good work.

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