Avocado cutting to root

cuernoMay 21, 2013

I have a 25 or more tall avocado that produces many fruits and some of the limbs are hanging low so I will cut them off. Can these cutting off this Mexican variety be made to root and if so how soft does the stem of the cutting have to be? I'm in San Antonio, Texas and it does freeze here for one or two days..

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Found my answer here under "Cloning Avocado" 7-5-2009
I will try rooting some of the cutting, this one is not grafted, one seed was placed in a pot in the 1980's then at 3 foot it was place in the ground and six other stems came out of the ground, it would look dead after every freeze and it would turn green every spring, at 8 foot it was freeze hardy
Dont know the variety but good flavor and small size, I also have in pots a Wilma 7', Fantastic 6', Joey 5', Brogdon 5',
Brazo's Belle 5', Mexicola Grande 5'. I repotted all of them this spring to larger pots and was lucky not to lose one, The first 2 I bought was the Brazo and Mexicola and they loss half their leaves because of to much watering, I learn fast not to do that with the rest. I used clean scotty top soil with play sand 50/50, kept the root ball in tack and add the new soil on bottom and sides and only water on the sides of the pot.

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Thanks for the tips. Mine have been struggling in their pots due to insufficient drainage I think. I'll give your method a try. Any idea if your cuttings are taking root?

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Cuerno, I live in San Antonio. Are you willing to trade an avocado tree for a 4 year old 6' fruit bearing apple tree? Send me an email from my page if you are interested.


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