Golden Cayenne?

itzybitzy_gw(7NC)July 18, 2012

I'm growing this variety for the first time and I really like it,so I was wondering if you can make hot sauce with it, or any variety of hot peppers... are some better than others? what else can I do with them I have 2 plants and had harvest about 40 peppers so far:)where can I find an idiot proof recipe?

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esox07 (4b)

Yes, I am sure it will work find in a hot sauce. You can use just about any pepper to make a given sauce. It just depends on your taste and heat tolerance. Some varieties are generally considered to be better than others but again, it is simply a matter of personal preference. You could take nearly any recipe and sub your peppers for what is called for in the recipe and come up with something possibly even better.
As for recipies themselves, just do a search on the forum and you should find several. Also, I am sure you will get several list members to give up their personal favorites. Good luck and the Golden Cayenne sound interesting.

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I am growing large cayennes; they are good sliced as rings when green or red in a standard pickling recipe. 2 parts water one part any kind of vinegar and one full table spoon of picking salt. spices if you like like mustard seed or pickling spice (only a pinch) I prefer no spice just the nature tast of the vinegar and pepper. also I dont know how to properly pickle with the boiling water so I make quick pickles, the kind that must stay in your refrigerator. Besides pickling cayennes, you could flame roast them on your grill for 10 minutes till they pop. don't peel off slightly charred skin, just eat them as is. If you have a dehydrator (which I dont)you could dry them and make cayenne powder, or because cayenne has thin skin hang them up high to dry, then make a decorative ristra (look up on google)and used the dried peppers when you need them. I'm sure it will make a killer hot sauce, as you say with some garlic added. Can you submit a pic. I've never seen a golden Cayenne.

Good luck

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Besides sauces and pickles you could candy them, make condiments and/or dry and powder them to use in rubs or powders.

When I'm looking for recipe ideas I often check the site linked below. You can get some ideas, sub your peppers for any listed in the recipes and create your own masterpiece.

I made the hotter than Heinz ketchup last year and swapped in my Grim Reaper powder mix for the Habaneros. Loved it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pepper Fool Recipes

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Excellent! thanks for the response:) you guys are awesome,I have been reading other forums Q & A and people can get very grumpy,I guess they need to eat more hot peppers(endorphin rush)lol.Thanks for the link ottawapepper:)and Daryll golden cayenne are yummy at first sweet/fruity and then a good punch like a serrano,meaty for a cayenne and very atractive on the plant,I plan to save seeds since they are heirlooms,lucky that I ran out of space and had to put them in pots, because my pepper bed got the horrible BLS and lost peter peppers,lemon drop ,pizza pepper and orange manzano to the disease...Thank you again:)

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Here's mine:

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Cayenne powder is one of the most used seasonings in my kitchen. Never had or grown the goldens, but, I'm sure they would do well in sauces, powders, salsas, etc... Incidentally, many times when I make hot sauce, I use the dried and powdered peppers. It makes a more smooth sauce.

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Please see this posting

I am wondering why my ripe Golden Cayennes are turning red? The seed came from one of those Golden Cayenne that you see on the photo here.

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Must have crossed with a red pepper. Golden cayenne is open polinated so should come true otherwise.

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