beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)March 29, 2011

Has anyone traded with this gal or, know her??

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I've wondered, too.

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lily55rjw(5 Northern Michigan)

I got an email stating that if I was interested, I needed to email her. i did but have not heard anything back...

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I contacted her about the irises & daylilies for postage. Sent payment to cover postage, & we discussed the types I wanted. When my payment arrived, she let me know, and was quite enthusiastic about having help emptying a bed in order to plant other plants. :)

Just yesterday, a medium flat-rate box arrived from her, full of irises. Many were named, even, although I had not requested or expected such! I am delighted by this trade, and would absolutely do another trade with her in the future.

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I sent twenty dollars for a large box. She was very nice.

Yesterday I recieved a box that cost 6$ in postage of dayliles and iris. Nice looking plants. No note on who sent them. I emailed her but have heard nothing back...

Perhaps she has more boxes coming to me? I sure would like to know~

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Today I received a box that cost $ 9.65 in postage with 36 iris rhizomes. I mailed $20 cash.

Here is a link that might be useful: Iris For Postage

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granny123-2006(6 Middle TN)

Received 48 iris rhizomes from Kathy today the postage was $9.65 with extra delivery Confirmation. I sent a $15.80 money order for postage on April 8, 2011.

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Kathy offered iris and daylilies for postage and requested $20.00 for postage,
Received many ( about 50) very dry and mostly small rhizomes in a large box for $11.49 postage.
Not up to the standards that I have come to expect from GArden Web members. I emailed that I was disappointed with the "trade" but got no reply.

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I've sent postage for daylilys/ iris from another member and got a small flat rate box 5.50 and sent 15. I think a few here do "postage for plants"
I got back a very "snappy" :( responds
i've been clear to ask what size box and how many and dry plants or ?
I think if you're going to make a few bucks on the plants then send something nice in the box as an extra treat so we don't feel so burned..........lesson learned

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Yes, mine were small and dry. Only about three regular size rhizomes. I planted mine out after soaking them with some water and epsom salts. I also used some bulb food. We shall see what happens next year.

I have been blessed by many Garden Web members, and very grateful. There are many kind people on here. I do my very best to reciprocate, and hope that I wow others on the receiving end. On this post, she requested $20 from me, and sent me a roughly $10 box half full of little dry rhizomes. If they were labelled, I might feel a little better. All I got was a note saying there were more than 10 varieties in there.

Do the math. If everyone sent $20 and received a box half full for $10, based on the many responses, she made some serious cash.

Also, I always take into consideration the time it takes for people to pack things up. If the box was full of decent sized labelled rhizomes, I wouldn't feel scammed.

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I responded to kjean61`s offer of a large flat rate box of daylilies for postage of 20.00.I sent her the 20.00 via paypal and recieved my box of daylilies.Even tho the postage was high I am very pleased with my daylilies.I recieved 16 plants and most had 2 or more fans.They looked green and healthy. Robin

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Hrm. Ok, so I did get the irises, but did not get the daylilies.

Not being aware of the cost of sending a box, I thought I'd paid for both. With that being the case, I paid a rather lot more than I should have for a single box.

They were all in great shape, though!

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