Sedum - how to take cuttings

maryleek_AR(z7)May 28, 2005

I'm new to plant propagation and would like to grow more plants from a just purchased Sedum - Autumn Joy.

My plant has two very thick stems, each about 25 inches tall and about 1 inch in diameter. Can I take several 'cuttings' from one stem trimming or only use the tip of each stem? What length should each cutting be? How much stem should remain on the plant? 50-50 Peat and Perlite for the medium or ?

Thank you for your assistance.


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marryleek, i use 50/50 sand and peat moss for growing medium. cut sterm 10" long, remove lower leaves and let it heal in shade for a day. then stick the cutting about 4" in the grow medium, place them on filter sun area water sparingly until new grow appear. good luck to you, tuanh

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Hi Tuanh,

Thank you so much for these detailed instructions. You have been so helpful.

About how long will it take for the new growth to appear? I assume the new growth will be little shoots at the base of the stem?


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intheboot(z5 ny)

I have the same question. I thought that those shoots wouldn't take. I assumed I would have to take a green part from the base..

I did the shoots last year and nothing took. Perhaps I did it incorrectly.


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OK, I've trimmed off the tops of the Sedum plant. I'm letting the ends cure by air, then I will dip in rooting hormone and stick in the 50/50 mix.

The removed lower leaves I dipped in rooting hormone and stuck the ends into damp 50/50 Perlite and Peat mix.

A couple of days ago I took two leaves that had broken away from the stalk and stuck them in a damp rooting mix. They were dry on the end. This will be a third experiment, using a leaf that had a dry, cured end.

I will report back with the results.


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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

I've actually rooted these in water and gave a clump to one of my sisters last year. I've noticed that last fall, before a frost, one of the stems of my Autumn Joy had fallen over in its pot and was layering itself in the soil - ie., new little plantlettes were forming at each empty leaf node that had made contact with the soil.

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Hi Mary, average abot 3-4 weeks for sedum cutting begin to grow. cutting will resume grow on the top then bloom. if you want to know for sure when there is new growth, then just go ahead pinch(or dead head) the cutting, new growth will start along the sterm. also leaf cutting will grow, i found out that here in zone 7 texas, more success if i do leaves cutting between feb-april .

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i used sand only last year. i put them out probably late oct / early nov, i'm guessing. 12 4" x 4" containers produced approximately 75 plants. i just potted them up about mid may. the orginal stem had rotted, leaving the individual plants easy to seperate and pot up. 6/02/2005

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wyndyacre(z6B SW Ont.)

My experience has been that sedums (both the tall and the creeping varities) are so easy to propagate that you can literally cut off a peice and stick it in the ground and it will grow. No special techniques required and no rooting hormone required. I've accidently left stalks lying on the ground only to find them months later growing and sending roots into the ground along the stalk. The old fashioned common name for this plant was 'liveforever' and you can see why.

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lynne_melb(z9b Melb FL)

My experience has been similar to wyndyacre's. My soil around Chicago was so hard from clay that I had to jam a screwdriver into the ground and then pop in the sedum. Mine was Autumn Joy. In zone 5, early June was a little too early for cuttings. July was better, when the stems were a little harder. The biggest strongest stems worked for me.

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