divided but flopd

baxbMay 5, 2012

My friend has divided a plant

for me which last year had

tall white round flowers

which i thought was Astilbe.

Ive potted it up into pretty

big pot and its got many

roots but its flopped. Should

i chop it down or wait? Its

been 3 days and its been

watered enough. I thought it

was Astilbe family but i

doubt it now. Each stem has

one leaf at top and leaves

look like Geranium but defo

not. Should i wait for it to

revive or have i done

something wrong? The

mother plant is fine so why

has this flopped so much?

Any idea on type? Link to

photo is /photos/52132867@



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

tape it up with masking tape ...


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Your link doesn't work so unable to id your plant. Flopping after division is perfectly normal. I wouldn't use masking tape - it's ugly and could damage the plant. Use soft twine and a discrete stick if you must but I'd just leave it alone. It has to re-establish its roots and 3 days is no time at all. Certainly don't chop it down. Would you want your head amputated if you were feeling faint? No, you'd want a nice quite bit of time to recover and a good long drink of water.

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I agree with flora_uk we should all keep our heads.

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