Royal Poinciana Tree Grafting (Delonix Regia, Flamboyant)

nsboyd1210(9B FL)May 19, 2012

Anyone out there have any experience grafting the Royal Poinciana? I have heard it is difficult to graft. But, with all of the bright minds and doers out there I am sure someone has figured out how to get a high percentage take. Is there anyone out there who has propagated this tree vegetatively other than grafting and gotten a high percentage take? I would like to hear from you and would appreciate any responses.


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It seems like you never got an answer since May!

I have never heard of grafting this tree. Right now when I go outside I see them all around bearing large seed pods. Collect the seed pods that drop from the trees and try growing them from seed.

I recently collected some Pride of Barbados seeds from nearby trees and I've gotten nearly a 90% germination rate!

Growing from seed might take a long time, but it's fun and easy!

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This answer is very late but....
My yellow Delonix was purchased as a grafted tree. I wanted to make sure it was yellow so I did not grow it from seed. I do not know how to graft so I can't give any info there, but my tree grew quickly and bloomed in about 3 years.
This is a recent picture.......

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nsboyd1210(9B FL)

It has been a while. However, thanks for the replies. Grafting is important for these trees so you know exactly what you are getting with regards to bloom color like yellow or orange. I am interested in knowing the best time of year to graft and the type of budwood to collect (new growth, 1 yr old, etc), and any other tricks that may help.


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Hi Here i found some data sheet explaining how to grow Delonix Regia, Flamboyant seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flamboyant data sheet

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