Freeze, Smoke, Dry???

tsheets(5)July 29, 2012

I was thinking of trying to smoke some peppers before drying them this year. At this point, I only have a few peppers ready - not enough to warrant the smoker OR the dehydrator, but, I need to do something before they go bad.

I was thinking about freezing them until I have enough to do a decent sized batch on the smoker / dehydrator.

Anyone see any problems with that or have experience with freezing before drying? I can't imagine there would be an issue since texture isn't really important for drying / powdering, but, thought I'd check to see if anyone had any experience/advise.

Thanks all!

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Not much help, but I'd eat them! Put peppers on every meal! ;-) I've frozen cayennes last year and they were a bit mushy when I took them out. Tried dryin some under the grill, but they smoked the house out like CS spray! Try to eat them all, that's why we grow them! I know it's not much help, but I love peppers with everything.

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I have dried thawed frozen peppers for powdering in the past with no noticeable difference in the end product to fresh.

I have no experience smoking them. Maybe I'll try it this week ;-)

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Richie - Yeah, I've been eating some, made some Lemon Drop sauce a couple weeks ago, salsa, marinades, etc.. Some I grow specifically to grind into powder for chili seasoning. I just don't have enough to make it worth firing up the dehydrator at the moment. Freezing peppers will generally make them mushy. Not so good for fresh eating, but, perfectly fine for soups, stews, chili, etc..

Bill - Thanks! That's what I expected. I was just hoping to hear from someone that has actually done it. :-)

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

I almost would think that they would dry faster and easier after being frozen since freezing would burst a lot of cells. Would be interested to know if that's the case, husband complains when I dehydrate peppers. Garlic too, for some reason. Anyway, faster drying = less complaining.

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I freeze most of my peppers before I smoke or dry them. It is a good idea to slice them in half and wash them before you throw them in the freezer. Makes for faster drying and less pain . Slicing up mushy pods is no fun. I have heard freezing them opens up the cell walls of the epper and maked =s them easier to smoke or dry. Also you can store enough up to make a decent amount of powder.

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Good points! I was just thinking about that at lunch today. There will probably be extra liquid when thawed out which is less moisture for the dehydrator to have to take out.

That's a good tip about slicing before freezing! I didn't slice them this time, but, will for future additions to the freezer.

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I Freeze them. I have to half the jalapenos and remove the center with the seeds, or else the seeds turn brown, just a tip.

I have been really enjoying my jalapeno. They stay hot, and if you freeze them quik they keep a good texture.

Here is a batch I froze.

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