nemesia amelie

stuartnMay 18, 2009

I wonder if anyone can tell me the best way to propagate this compact variety. It's just starting to flower, but I think the spread will be less than last year. The problem is that the new shoots are tiny and only seem to sprout from last year's twigs, which are brittle and snap easily. The middle of the plant is now very congested but I am reluctant to try and divide the root system in case I kill the thing.

Last Autumn I took woody cuttings and, although some are still in leaf, they show no sign of rooting.

Any advice appreciated.

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take cuttings of firm new growth.... apply 2.5% IBA (rooting hormone) (note many such hormones over the counter are 1% not 2.5%.. soil temperature 70-75F (21-24C) needs bottom heat
after rooting then pinch 3rd week & again 2 weeks after transplanting.....

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Many thanks. I have the bottom heat but the rooting powder I'm using is napthylacetic acid. I'll have a look for the IBA hormone.

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