More on IDhwlp Calif. Sunset?

labland(Inland Valley CA9)August 5, 2011

OK folks, these are more recent pictures of what was supposed to be royal Hawaiian, but isn't I realized the earliest pix don't show size, which may help identifying it. It is a long lasting flower, at least 4 days in this heat, it never opened up totally, as you can see from the pix. It is small, 2-2 1/2" at most, if it opened up like Bill's Psycho White, it would be the same size, but it doesn't so diameter wise, it is smaller. Thick petal, wonderful very stong floral fragrance. Also, it did not fade much at all compared to the first photo, unlike the one in the picture that I compared it to, which fades quickly.

Does this help? I got it from the spring garden show, check was to Mona Lisa Palmer. If anyone has her email, I will email her to see which she thinks it may be.

First day opened:

Day 5

Back side out of focus

Compared to another blossom, average sized

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plumie_girl(9b SoCal HD)

MONA LISA PHONE: 616.367.3581


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Jen,

Glad to see Plumie girl gave you her number....I did have the info. Let me know if you need anything else!!!

Beautiful bloom!!! Gorgeous color!!!

Plumie girl..we all were probably at the same place at the same time!!! LOL...we were the girls with all of the packages...LOL Ericka Jen Diana and Bill were all at that spot for a long time helping us to decide onn what to buy!!! Mona Lisa had a great booth!!! She is very helpful too! I have called her several times to have a ID check myself!!!

Hope you find out Jen!!

Take care..

Laura in VB

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Thanks! I have been so excited to have varieties that I KNOW vs no id! I love the color of this one, and it just so happens that Bill gave me a cutting of Royal Hawaiian after the show, so that way I don't have duplicates! I don't have room for duplicates!

Thank you for the phone number PlumieGirl!

Yes, we we were all lined up, with piles of cuttings in our arms (especially Laura!!!)

In the meantime, any suggestions on what this is, Bill, James? Anybody?

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