Wholesale buyer won't let me buy from them!!

rue_anemone(1)July 2, 2005

I can't believe not wanting a legitimate retailer and paying customer. Yes we are the new kid on the block, but what is the deal. Brehobs in Indianapolis, IN wouldn't even let me see a price list, but kept saying they were the cheapest.

Come to find out the type of plants I need, Brehobs buys from the west coast. I found my plants out west and am buying direct!

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Something doesn't sound right.

If you have a business license, have your resale license and an established business, then I can't see the reason for turning your buisness away.

Were you requesting to purchase on credit ?

There has to be more to this than what you state, otherwise I doubt this wholesaler would be in buisness for too much longer.

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It is common in the wholesale business, not to sell to anyone who has to pay sales tax, even if they are a legitimate business or charity. I do, but many I deal with won't. Is this the case? I have a friend who is a g'house manager with a huge corporation and they even have their own g'houses and landscaping capabilities, but they use the stock for their own decoration and grounds and therefore are not exempted. She was floored when she found out she couldn't buy from the wholesalers I'd suggested to her.

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I have a merchant's and a nursery license. Our shop opened in Nov. of 2004 and the gardens were opened in May of 2005.

The shop's gardens were planted with starts from my home garden. I have been gardening for 40 years so I have quite a collection of alpines and miniatures, hostas, wildflowers, even lady slipper, perennials, etc.

For 5 years before this I had been selling my handmade and planted "stone troughs" from home, at the farmer's market, and a local yearly art show.

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Things aren't so simple as everyone wanting every kind of account they could possibly get. I think some big growers may not even sell to any retailers at all. I do know many have minimum orders.

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Do you have a sales tax registration number? That is usually all I am asked for. Very seldom am I even asked for my nursery license.

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It really isn't all that difficult to figure out. Most often one has to purchase their plugs or starts through brokers who represent many of the large wholesale growers. This enables the growers to push those plug trays through those huge operations. Just try finding someone to answer your questions though when you have Campanula, Champion that's supposed to grow 24" - 30" tall; and, it blooming it's fool head off on a 6" stem.

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Cady(6b/Sunset34 MA)

Different states have different laws. In Massachusetts, we get asked for our business ID number, which sounds like Polly's sales tax ID. If you are a self-employed landscaper or garden designer and are buying wholesale/doing re-sale to customers when supplying plants as part of the landscape installation, your social security number is used as your business ID, and that's the number you provide when buying from wholesalers. I've only encountered problems when attempting to buy small quantities of items (for an individual design install) from a large wholesale company. That's understandable. But I've never had trouble buying wholesale from local medium and large wholesalers.

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Rue--did you ask why they wouldn't sell to you? I've known of wholesale growers refusing new customers because they are at their max capacity and can't grow enough for new accounts.

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Does this nursery do retail? Could it be possible that they only wholesale to installers and not nearby retailers?

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Thank you all for the responses!

Polly- my merchant's license is also my tax id info.

laag- no this nursery does only wholesale.

viola8- no I didn't ask why, just scurried around my garden digging and potting my own plants. Just now have had a bit of time to try and figure out why. I have heard that they were a pain in the neck to deal with. I was trying to give them a chance.

We were prepared to buy the minumum. We had a few thousand earmarked for plants.

Inside the shop we have wholesale items so it wasn't like we haven't dealt with wholesalers.

He never did let me look at a price list or a list of available plants. I think maybe he really couldn't take care of our needs even though he promised us he would be able to.

Have any of you dealt with Sunny Border, in Ohio, or Stanley & Sons, in Oregon?

Thanks again feels good to get this off my chest. No one likes a rejection!!

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I had someone trying to solicit business from me last year--and she said she couldn't give me a price list because it was "propriatary information". Well, excuse me for asking, I thought. She finally coughed up one but I've never had anyone else tell me that.

You can contact the Oregon Assn of Nurseries for a copy of their huge directory. Lots and lots of wholesale growers listed in there; includes info on a lot of what they grow and how much in production. I've heard of Stanley & Sons. Don't order that type of plant material at all though, so am of no help there.

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I have heard of Sunny Border, never ordered from them, never heard of Stanley and Sons. I buy finished pots locally due to shipping costs. However I do buy a lot of plugs and liners, and could give you some sources for that, if you are interested. The largest local nursery here buys from Monrovia, shrubs and perennials, and I must say they are always beautiful. As far as brokers go, I had excellent luck with Germania this year. I had 9 flats go to another store in a different state. Germania took care of the problem, and called me numerous times to make sure everything was OK.

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I'll second loving the service Germania gives. They've expanded their lines so much since I first started buying seeds from them. They've had a good track record with me in an industry where the permanent back orders are standard issue.

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I asked around about Stanley and Sons. Turns out I realized I heard Mr. Stanley (I presume, can't find my notes) speak on their miniature and dwarf conifers. Beautifully presented product in small pots with all pertinent info on the tags. They are considered a specialty nursery locally, and perhaps with prices to match. Perhaps someone with buying experience with them will see this thread.

Just what is it you are shopping for? Specialty items, liners, regular old shrubs and trees?

I'd still be curious enough to place a call or an email to Brehobs and ask what's going on.

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Thank you to all. Germania just might be the ticket.

We are small and can't compete with Lowe's, HD (they have generic plants anyway!) and bigger nurseries so we are carrying specialty perennials and shrubs, miniatures and alpines are our main focus, with a few shade loving perennials and wildflowers.

I received information from Stanley & Sons and their minis and dwarfs are exactly the type of thing we need for our troughs. The displays and shrubs pictured are very nice. Now to find the perennials.

Thanks again. I'm off to study Germania's catalogs and request a directory from the Oregon Assn of Nurseries. Our bigger nurseries use Monrovia and they are beautiful plants

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In the meantime, OAN Buyer's Guide can be searched online, at OAN web site.

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Germania brokers many companies including Walters Gardens. I purchase from Walters Gardens direct, and in my opinion you can't go wrong with them if you are looking for liners and bareroot. If you aren't doing business with Walters Gardens, and you would like liners or bareroot perennials, I would highly recommend them.

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I like to buy direct from the grower too and cut out the middle man so I have a better profit margin and still give my wholesale clients a good price. Some wholesale grower (i.e.: Yoder Bro.)only sell thru brokers(i.e.: Park Seed).

Generaly when I'm looking for a certain plant,I just type in the plant name(cultivar name too if it has one) followed by..wholesale liners.When your dealing w/ patented plants it's much cheaper to go direct to the hybridizer/grower.

Germania is a broker but has much better prices,low min.and great to deal with. Had a cerdit card malfuction(86'ed for un-authorized charge to my account)and they were super nice about it even though the shipment had already arrived to me.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Sorry to jump in late, but I know the folks at Brehob and they are really great people. The following is from their website:

"WHOLESALE TRADE ONLY - Brehob Nursery, Inc. has elected to sell only to landscape professionals and garden centers.

CUSTOMER APPLICATION - All persons or companies wishing to purchase from Brehob Nursery, Inc. must first make an application to be a customer. The application process is used to protect the wholesale nature of Brehob Nursery, Inc. Applications may be obtained through the office. The length of time it takes to process an application depends upon the response time of the references given on the application. We retain the right to re-evaluate customer status at any time.

Rue Anemone, I would suggest calling back and having the following conversation: "Hi, my name is _____ and I'm the owner of ______. I would like to get a customer application from you. Please fax it to _______."

Having been on the wholesale side of things, I can tell you that you wouldn't believe the stories that "mere mortals" come up with to try and purchase wholesale. I've heard everything from "I'm a hairdresser and have a license" to "But I'm buying a large quantity!" (30 plants?!?) One of the sad facts is that to protect your wholesale reputation, you have to be really tough about screening potential new customers up front, and sometimes you make a mistake.

Please give them a second chance! Thanks,


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Homeowners association members using association nursery license to bypass landscape contractors and retail nurseries have been noticeable in the past at one of the main wholesale nurseries here. Housewives asking same kinds of questions they might've asked at garden center help desk can be pretty obvious at wholesale checkout, with commercial customers waiting their turn nearby, wanting to get back to their crews or other business.

Eventually a sign saying something like "We Are Growers, Not Landscape Architects" appeared on the wall behind the counter.

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Veronicastrum- did all that, filled out the application. Since we were new I actually went in person to make sure he had a face and name with our business. Spoke with the person about the whole process and what kind of plants we needed. He had me give a list of plants to another person, I was speaking latin to the first guy I guess!! LOL!! The first guy didn't recognize any of the plants I was naming.

I am thinking I might be able to supply many of my own plants. I am busy taking cuttings. This whole thing might end up being a very positive thing, taking me in a direction I had not even considered before.

I really appreciate all the comments, this is helping me firm up my ideas. Thanks!!

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I'm curious, Rue, how many plants were you ordering?

Maybe you didn't meet their minimum?

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moreilly(Z5 Indianapolis)

Just curious, Went to Avon yesterday (westside)Going to Soule's today (south)and you are on the ----side? Hello? Nothing north? Taking cuttings very curious. God Bless

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moreilly I'm on the east side of Indianapolis, just off Washington St.

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moreilly(Z5 Indianapolis)

Rue I'm on the east side at approx. Rural and Washington.
and I'm curious on your cuttings and starts of your own.
I've just started splitting plants. Hostas and such. I would like too see your set up. Possible? Please advise.
God bless

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moreilly- Sure come on out. It isn't fancy, and we are new, but I have big dreams!!

My shop is at 11 S. Kitley. Hours are: closed Mon., Tues.-Sat.10am-6pm, Sun. 1-5pm The shop is called Eleven S. Kitley, we are on the web. Not doing any sales over the internet at this point.

Have you been to Frady's? A few years ago they were a really small nursery, now they have quite a set-up.

How are you surviving this heat?

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moreilly(Z5 Indianapolis)

I was wondering what it was going to take to get an invitation. I am going to try and stop by on Sunday
Yes I've been to Frady's. My brother was friends with a son or two for years and that was the first place he sent me to when I moved to Indy.
Heat? What heat? Too busy weeding to notice. Crabgrass attack going on over here.

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I just wanted to mention that I found another wholesale nursery, Van Horn Nurseries, Inc.

They were very easy to work with. The plants very carefully packed and shipped. The bare roots were huge and the plugs were very good size.

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perennialprincess(z4 MN)

Rue Anemone:

I have a suggestion for you, since you are new to the retail business. This winter, when you have a little time, perhaps you can attend at least one industry trade show. The two largest, and nearest to you, would be the Mid-Am show, which is in Chicago, usually the third week of January. It is a huge show, and you would find many vendors there, both in woody plants and perennials. Or, you could attend the CENTS show in Ohio - very big as well, and many nurseries and perennial growers represented there as well. This might give you a better overall view of the industry, as well as a wider palette of vendors to choose from. There are many excellent growers in the heart of the country, as well as east and west coast growers. These are not expensive shows to attend, if you like, there are optional seminars which are usually very well done and worth the time. Bring your walking shoes, a sturdy bag or briefcase to carry all your catalogs, and an open mind. I think you'd find this really helpful in your new business venture.

Hope you've had a good season and are gearing up for an even better 2006!


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Mike Larkin

Recommend Stanley - for all types of conifers. Was out to the nursery in Oregon - Top notch place. Also Larry Stanley is great to do businees with. Have purchased many mini conifers ( for troughs) and esp like the way his plants are potted. Good choice. Prefer his mini conifers to Islei.

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Cant find anything on Van Horn Nurseries, Inc.
Do they have a web site?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

One little 0 makes all the difference...


Here is a link that might be useful: Van Hoorn

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