How to propagate Heuchera (Coral Bells)

lil_rhody(z6b RI coast)May 14, 2006

I'm new to this forum.

I just bought a small Heuchera 'Snow Angel' and would like to make more from that plant. What's the most successful way to propagate it?

Paul B.

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inthegarden_k(z7 NC)

i believe that the growth buds are in the main stem, so although you could root a leaf, it will not grow into a complete plant. the usual way to propagate heuchera is through division.

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Making More Plants says Heuchera can be propagated by leaf petiole cuttings.

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gretchenmi(Zone 5)

Hello......from Michigan...bought one (Heuchera..Purple Palace)....I love it....when to divide....spring? ....I LOVE THE COLOR.....Thanks .....gert

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stressbaby(z6 MO)

Heuchera is a slam dunk propagation-wise. My methods:

1) When dividing, take the stem pieces that come off, take off all but a couple of leaves, rooting hormone, 1 gallon pot, compost, ziplock cover, shade.

2) Take the stems, divide with sharp clean razor blade or knife into pieces with 2-3 smallish leaves (or cut off half of the larger leaf), make sure a chunk of stem is attached to the petiole, 500 IBA quickdip or rooting powder, 50:50 peat:perlite, mist

Excellent rooting percentage, near 100% either way.

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I've had good luck with one I bought recently - Heuchera 'Key Lime Pie' - a gorgeous chartreuse. I loosened the soil away from the crown and pulled off small divisions right at the crown (they didn't have any roots attached) - actually the correct term would be basal cuttings, I guess. Anyway, I trimmed each cutting down to just a couple of the smaller, new leaves. I stuck them just deep enough to stand up in a peat:perlite mix and rooted them under intermittent mist, though you could probably use a plastic cover in the shade - anything to keep them moist. Mine took about 3 weeks to root - I got eleven out of the twelve I stuck. I will plant them out in the garden next spring. The mother plant has now grown back to about the same size it was before I took the cuttings, so am going to do some more.

Heuchera Palace Purple is one that will come true from seed - you might try collecting seed.

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where would you find the seed on this plant? MariLynn

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rockstonegarden(5b (NS, Can))

Heuchera should be devided frequently, or not at all. If left for 3 years, the main stem can become woody, making division much more dificult and success less likely. If you divide them every spring, you will have the most success. IMHO.

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In spring cut off the tall stalk that shoots up & replant in soft soil, keep moist, & sprouts into it's own plant. As long as it has some stem & the pink shoots showing new sprouting leaves it works. Did this first with Palace Purple then with Firefly. Next spring I'll do it with Caramel.

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