need a similar business to compare

plant.babies(Zone 7-8)July 11, 2006

I am starting a *very small* plant business.

I am making up my business plan for a large grant, and would like to find the same kind of business to make comparisons and use as an example.

Basically I will have a 12x16' greenhouse on my home property, and will grow house and patio plants to sell at Farmer's Markets, and hopefully, on the Internet.

It will remain fairly small due to disability and size constraints in the middle of town. Eventually I'd like to move to the country and put in a commercial greenhouse, but that is some years down the road.



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Can you please explain yourself a little more. I'm not getting what you are asking for...Large grant = small business?

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If your looking for a similar business to compare to wouldn't you be better off posting on a forum that doesn't deal with horticulture? Still confused...

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The grant is fairly large, probably because it is a disability grant. Yes, my need is to find another *small* home-based business -- doing about 12, 000.00-15, 000.00
a year.

I thought this was the "professional gardener" forum, and I have seen many small nursery owners or landscapers posting on this forum, so .... I thought this would be a good place to find someone with a business similar to mine.

ain't it?

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Sorry miss-read same as similar...
But you haven't asked any questions. What are you wanting to know?

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