Bleeding heart Cuttings

racetowin(5)May 20, 2007


Does anyone know if the bleeding heart plants will root from cuttings off the mom plant/


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I have heard that you can ... I am currently trying to start some cuttings from a plant in my flowerbed. I started them yesterday.

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Thanks for answering......See I went out an bought a white one and red one (pink)...Had my mans truck and he had a ball of twine there were the plants was setting.. I went around a curve and it rolled right on my new flowers.. Wah..
I put both the broken ones in water an he said it would root????????
Had I known that , I would of rooted cuttings off my old red one , instead of buying......
It was rotting and not doing well............I thought I would get new so next spring it isnt gonners.

What flower was you trying to root?


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Barb, I had a few extra holes in my prop tray this afternoon and I just happened to take a few BH cuttings. If you email me in a few days i'll let you know how they are doing.


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I have heard of bleeding heart seeds. Do these come directly from the flower?


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Thanks for asking me.........Yes.
Last year mine didnt get seeds , and I paniced and went an pought new ones.

Before that I collected them.

Oh my how we for get ......

I needed a white one , so then I bought both.

Thanks again.

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I have two red bleeding heart plants, both bloom but have had only one seed ever. A black, peas sized seed. Is it rare for them to make seed, and anything I can do to make them seed?

Are seeds a good way to propagate or is cuttings better?

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i've been dipping my clippings in rooting horomone and putting them in a ziplock baggie with soil, (damp) and i blow that up and zip it shut, they root in a 2-4 weeks. ohhh don't forget to mist them befor you close the top, but make sure that when its closed that its all puffy!! kinda like blowing up a balloon!! LOL ~Medo :'))

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