Aji Panca, Aji amarillo question

Goldemboy(9FL)July 17, 2012

Hi all, just came back from a trip to Peru and brought some Ajis with me, my question is all the Ajis dry up, can they still be germinated?

long time reader, first time poster

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All you can do is give it a try.

If they were dried at a low temperature, they will likely germinate. If they were dried at a high temperature, you may get lucky with a few, but, have lower success overall.

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I've had mixed success with seeds from dry chiles.

Chile de arboles - no probs.
Guajillos - one time nothing, the next time great.
Ancho/pasilla - nothing

Like tsheets said, give it a shot.

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going to give it a try got plenty of seeds, i hope

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sjetski(6b NJ)

Tsheets is right on the money with drying temperatures affecting the percentage that will germinate, amongst other factors.

You'll have to overseed to get the amount of plants you want, this is especially true with Aji Panca. I had slightly better success last year but this year i had to sow around 30 Aji Panca seeds to get three sprouts, but those three plants have turned out healthy and strong.

Remember to give the Aji Amarillo plants a LOT of room to grow and plenty of direct sunlight, you'll be rewarded with woody plants that are 5ft across and loaded with pods. They'll suck up as much composted cow manure as you can give them, and are fairly cold and disease resistant too. The Amarillo's are keepers imho and one of my favorites.

Even if it is late in the season, i'd still plant a bunch just to experiment, this way you'll know what to expect next year. Be sure to only plant the seeds from the biggest best looking pods and store them in a cool, dry place in the meantime, you don't want them to turn moldy.

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thanks will give it a try

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I'm curious, I have to ask, the OP title mentions two chiles Aji Panca and Aji Amarillo, but there appears to be three dried chiles in the photo; is there a third variety?

Aji Panca and Aji Amarillo are two that have my interest to grow.

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yes they are 3 different types, its name scape my mind at the moment, some seeds germinated, will update with pod pictures tomorrow

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