Cloning Bhuts(or any pepper)

homefry319(5b NE)July 12, 2012

A few people ask so.....

This won't be 100% as I didn't document it when doing it last winter.

Also note I took the cuttings for my successful clones after the plant had gone dormant and wasn't flowering

**All photos were taken today

lets start with my mother plant which is 26 months old, its looks small because well I almost killed it bringing it outside this year

You want to take as many cuttings from the bottom part of the plant, which I normally pull off for ascetics

now I cut all but 2-3 leaves off and then I half them, use a CLEAN(brand new) razor blade you don't want to contaminate anything here, I also cut the bottom at a 45 degree angle and then I slide a bit of the side off

Then I let in sit in my rooting compound for 10 minutes, I use clonex here but Ive been successful with both powder and gels

Then it goes in a thing of perlite, Ive also cloned it in dirt only as well, Im using a 72 cell container here, but it can be done in other containers.

then last it goes in a tray with on a heat pad, bottom heat is crucial every time I've tired it without its been 100% failure, pour a little bit of water in the bottom and place a dome over it and walk away, leaves WILL fall off don't worry as long as you don't have damp off, rot or death, it hasn't failed

now for maintenance keep a spray bottle handy and mist every few days I add a drop of super thrive or other nuts but be careful not to add to many, keep it under lights 18-24 hours a day

so now thats done we've seen my mother heres one of my clones the other 2 have smaller peppers

now Im pretty sure I got shafted on my seed this year but I think I still did get 1 bhut out of it so heres something to compare

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Bottom heat seems to be the one thing I have been missing. But, I have a question. From the time you take the cutting, how long until it has put out good enough roots so that You can transplant to a soil mixture? Also, if I wanted to clone a plant that I am growing this year, when should I clone it so that it is ready to go outside next spring around late May?

I will probably overwinter a couple plants again this winter so starting it when it is dormant won't be a problem. I just need to know when to start it so that it is ready to go in late May and also so that it isn't bursting at the seams before I can get it outside in late May.

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Awesome tutorial. I may have to give it a try again this fall.

Interesting about taking from the bottom area, I've always cut mine from the top most growth. Now I'm wondering if that isn't part of the problem.

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homefry319(5b NE)

So I took my cuttings in december, and in january.

this is a picture of 1 on feb 14th that I was transplanting into a bigger container

Ill make better notes on it this year when I do it again.

now I also stalled mine and left them in smaller containers for a while I could have prob put them in larger containers in March-April but with how many plants and starters we have space is kind of an issue ATM

as for the bottom cutting, its partly because its newer growth because I pluck it normally

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OK, mbellot: I didn't even catch that. I too usually pull mine from the newest growth on top.

homefry: So, by taking from the bottom growth, I assume you are talking about those litte shoots that tend to grow out from the main stem below the larger branches above and just above the soil? Is that correct? Maybe show a shot of exactly which parts to cut.

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homefry319(5b NE)

I didn't have any on my larger one so heres one from 1 of my seedlings from this year, I always snip those off anyways so theres always new growth there, I have the arrow but any of those little suckers in the photo you could/should take always take multiple cutting 10-15 just incase some fail

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I'm a newbie, so this is priceless information for me. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to explain things in such depth. I will be keeping up with this thread! Thanks again.

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homefry319(5b NE)


you're welcome, when the plants go dormant I'll make a more in-depth tutorial

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

TTT for all to see.

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Great post! Thanks!!

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I wish these pictures still showed.

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