Mr. Romney will it increasingly difficult...

ronalawn82(z9FL)May 19, 2012 argue against success.

  1. The State Department's handling of the situation involving blind Chinese dissident lawyer Chen Guangcheng is "a day of shame for the Obama administration," GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney charged on Thursday." (05/03/12?)

Today,(05/19/12)we are learning that Mr. Chen Guangcheng is heading to the USA. Someone is being very quiet but carrying a big stick.

NOT Mr. ROMNEY!!!color>

2."In Virginia, Gov. Bob McDonnell runs TV ads hailing the stateâÂÂs business growth. Ohio Gov. John Kasich tells anyone who will listen that 100,000 jobs have been created or retained on his watch. And Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder promotes a state budget thatâÂÂs on solid ground for the first time in a decade."

I saw a TV clip of Mr. Romney sharing the stage with Gov. Kasich in the presence of a group of students. Mr. Romney made an amateurish effort to get support for a decidedly pessimistic outlook on the job situation. This was followed by Gov. Kasich's upbeat message as to the number of jobs posted and waiting for applicants from the audience.


  1. "...could be better!"

This anemic (and Romneyesque) refrain infers that "...have been good" or "...have been not bad."

The rate of change in world events is bewildering and Mr. Romney appears to be as bewildered as the most ordinary of us.

Anyone aspiring to be POTUS must show that (s)he is capable of thinking through issues and coming up with palatable solutions.

Mr. Romney's utterances are no more profound than those of the average barber or taxi-driver.

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ronalawn82(z9FL) be my own editor.

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Romney is just trying to convince people that he actually believes his that his own tricks are really magic.

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