Plumeria 'Coral Cream'.

andrew78(6)August 14, 2012

Hello everybody,

Today has been a gloomy, stormy day so I have been online on and off today looking at pictures of plumerias on diffrent websites.

One of the plumie pics that has had me fascinated was this picture of 'Coral Cream'. The individual flowers of this variety are HUGE! 4in + with a nice creamy yellow color. I have never seen or heard of this variety before but I have to say I am thinking of possibly getting one now. The only drawback was what I read on the Face Book Plumeria Addicts group. I saw the actual picture of it here, and someone said that they didn't get any inflos until there tree hit 5ft tall! WOW...that's pretty tall for a tree to bloom it's first time!!!

The person I believe lived in Texas and I'm thinking that if they live in Texas and had to wait that long, how long would I have to wait, and even then, would I ever see decent inflos?

Same exact situation with another I have been wanting...'Butterfly Gold'. I almost bought this at Florida Colors but Carol told me she thought it would be difficult, if not impossible to get this to bloom in New York.

So as I have been sitting here, a lightning bolt just hit maybe 20 or so feet away. All I saw was a HUGE FLASH and BANGGGG!! Almost wet myself! That scared the crap out of me! Sorry for going off topic but WOW! Scared the Sh!t out of me!

So what do you guys think? Have any of you seen or heard of 'Coral Cream'? I would love some input here, along with possible suppliers for it.

I think it's time for me to get off the computer. I don't want to be on my computer if lightning like that strikes again!


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isobea(10, San Diego)

Hi Andrew, I don't have any experience with Coral Cream, but I know Mike at Pacific Plumeria in Solana Beach, CA, has it in his Gallery 2. Mike is a great guy and very knowldgable - ask his opinion. I've bought several plants from him and they are all great.
Good luck and happy hunting,

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Hi Andrew. I have had a Coral Cream for years. After waiting forever for it to bloom, I was so disappointed. Not pretty, not fragrant and rather forgettable. I guess living by the coast might have contributed to the loss of color, but what happened to the fragrance? I guess I need to stop believing everything I read. Maybe when you find one, it will perform fabulously for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Mary

PS. the five foot thing is true with mine too

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi ANdrew!!!

You are to funny.. You have me smiling at you thinking of you jumping threes feet in the air as you are thinking of buying the "Coral Cream.." Maybe that was a message that you dont really want this one? I have heard of others talking about this one too! I think the the above poster (cbadcali) has a good point.. I would really think twice, but that is your call...

I hope you didnt wet ur pants too! : )

Hope the storms have passed, we are going to get them tomorrow..

Hope all is well with you both!!!

Take care,


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)


I had Coral Cream bought her in 2007 but it did not perform well for me color wise so I gave it away, but on the positive it bloomed the 2nd season for me. Your friend Sonia has had Coral cream since 2006 or 2007, you may want to ask her about it, she has posted pics of it on MPG and it looked good but she also lives in an area that is Hades Hot during the summer.
As for Butter fly Gold,I bought a grafted one from Sonia Sept 2007, she bought it from Florida colors and it bloomed for me in July 2008 and has bloomed every year since. I know that Sonia had a Butterfly Gold that she was going to get rid of as it had been in her patch since 2007, but last season it finally bloomed for her so go figure, she has the heat I have the humidity.... Id give Butterfly Gold a try before Coral Cream

BFG first bloom in 2008:

Heres a pic of BFG From last season;

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Are those the colors you get on BFG along the coast?

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Hi Laura,
Yeah as my collection has grown to enormous proportions, I must be more selective as to what plumeria I buy. So...BUTTERFLY GOLD IT IS! LOL! I have wanted this variety for a while so I will give this one a try...might not be this year we'll see.

Hi James,
I remember Sonia threatning to wrip out her BG. She said that it was a HUGE, HUGE tree, and the following year it bloomed, but she said she had to climb a ladder to get pictures of it. I hope if I get one it wont have to grow that tall to bloom! Your temps are not that hot where you live right? I have heard BG needs heat to bring out those vibrant colors.

Thanks everyone for youur input!

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Yes those or the colors I get where my BFG is on the coastal area of So cal. Even during the Heat wave last week in So Cal where most people where in the 90's and 100s my patch only got up to 86 with high humidity, but averaged 82. Where I live personally it was in the low 90s, so my patch is cooler then where I live and most areas of So Cal.
Here are my Plume Patches Temps last week during the Heat Wave when people where in the 90s and 100s

And temps the week before the heat wave is more in line of what the average summer temps are like in my patch

BFG and Taj Mahal both get color in perform in low heat. My BFG came from Florida colors via Sonia, the funny thing is mine bloomed quickly and hers did not. My BFG is about 4ft tall and in a pot, could be because I kept BFG in its original 5gal pot since 2007 till 2012. I just reported BFG to a 10 gal in May. So I do not know why Sonias is so leggy. Taj Mahal is more compact and blooms on a short tip over and over again.
Heres a pic of Taj Mahal from last season.

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Thats good to know, I live along the coast as well In MDR. What else would you recommend for those of us along the coast. Sorry for hijacking your post Andrew.


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If they live in Texas they probably didn't have to wait that long for it to get to 5'. Especially in this area, we have two growing seasons interrupted by a period of he!!, which the plumeria love. Even the variegated one grew to 5' in a couple of years, now if it would just bloomalready.

I want that one! and Taj Majal.
73!!! 64!!!! Winter!
Tally HO!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Wow James, your BFG and Taj Mahal are GORGEOUS!! Are you kidding me?

Does anyone here respect the fact that I am on a self imposed ban??

Here is how my convo w/ me, myself and I went.

Sensible Lynn: "Stay strong don't give into temptations to buy more!"
Addicted Lynn: "Ok, if I am good and don't buy more, I should reward myself! How about more plumerias!"

I just can't win can I? LOL

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Hi James,
I too have Taj Mahol. One of my top favorite plumerias. In fact, from what I can see this year, Taj Mahol is out performing all of my plumerias except for maybe Dwarf Sinapore Pink.

I bought my Taj Mahol from Sonia. It's a very nice large tree. When I got it, it was 18in tall(I checked my notes when it arrived), and now it's 24 in. tall. This plumeria has grown more than any other with the exception of my Dwarf Singapore Pink.

Taj Mahol seems to be a very robust, and fast grower for me. My only issue with it this year was bud drop. Not only was I dissapointed with losing ALL the flower buds, but the 3 or 4 that matured only opened 3/4 of the way. I did talk with Sonia who told me that Taj Mahol can be very tempermental. She said that her's can drop buds even when the tree appears to be perfectly happy. I have heard others who have observed the same thing.

Now I had assumed that this was what was going on until I noticed that there were spider mites that were ravaging this beautiful tree. I did wipe them out with a combo of fish emulsion and inecticidal soap. I would alternate between the 2 and within about 2 weeks the spider mites were gone.

What really amazed me and surprised me at the same time, the fact that it produced 2 new tips AND on the larger tip, it produced a second inflo!!

According to a previous post I had read, I believe George had stated that plumeria produce inflos on the prefious years growth. Now I am a firm believer in that. It was evident on cuttings that I had rooted that produced inflos but what then caused this new massive inflo to form on my Taj Mahol? It must be that even if it's rare, plumeria can sometimes produce inflos on new growth. Again, I have to give Mimi props for part of this trees recent developments. She had told me that when she has a tree that she wants to bloom, she will cut pieces of banana peels and she then pushes them into the potting mix. She said that the additional potassium will induce the inflos growth. I also know that the raw eggs helped play apart in this trees growth. Yesterday I very carefully went digging in the potting mix to see if I could find any of the 2 raw eggs I had burried into the mix. I couldn't find any part of those eggs, and so I placed 2 more into the mix.

I'm sure that there are still going to be non believers here and yes, I will always say that the raw eggs have significantly helped my plumeria but I wont endorse this to the members here.

My only advise to newbies and experts, what works for one person's success may not work for others. Just use what works best for you!

Take care everyone and I hope you all have a great weekend!!


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