Propagation of Money Tree Plant

ibemaggieMay 31, 2005


First of all as a new member you could not believe how many hours I have sat here gathering information from all of the different forums. You all do a great job and I thank you.

I received a money tree plant (I realize that it must have an official name but do not know it!) as a wedding gift some years ago. I have been trying to propragate? the plant to pass on to other's as a gift.

Problem: I do not know what I am doing. I thought my Mother used to just stick some like this in a jar of water and get roots. Well I put my cutting in water for a while (months) and it did not die but just sat there. Next I tried planting the cutting. The cutting is about 8 inches long and has now grown two little nodules in the V of the cutting I took. It has been planted in dirt for over three months now. The whole process has taken six months.

I would appreciate some help on what my next step might be in handling this gangly cutting that has made very slow progress. Also if anyone knows the correct name of this plant I would love to know it. If a picture is needed just let me know. Thank you!

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Are you talking about the plant that produces the pods of seeds that look like silver dollars when dry? I THINK it is called "lunaria" - and the pods are what is used to reproduce, I think - well, actually the seeds in the pod. If wrong plant, sorry.

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If it is the Lunaria they reseed themselves. Or you can save the seed and plant where ever you like. Al

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flowerpower326(z6 nj)

i would love to get some of this plant. my husband always asks if we have a money tree in the yard! LOL:) Anybody willing to share? I only have seeds at this point.PLMK

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aes123(Z6 OH)

I just happened to buy one at the store today. I have no idea about propigation, but it's botanical name is Pachnia aquatica. You might consider googling based on that.

I hope that helps.

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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Ah, a good example to make an effort to learn the scientific name of a plant.

Speaking of which, the good ol' jade tree (Crassula ovata) is also known as the money tree.

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Thanks for helping me identify the name of the plant in question. I looked up the various suggestions and it turned out to be a "pachira_aquatica." Thank you aes123.
Now I have uploaded a picture of how my propagation of this plants looks. Can I cut off the two original green leaves? Tne new plant is not dying and does have two area of growth but after being in soil for four months I thought it would grow more. Any suggestions or do I just continue to water, feed and talk to it. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pachira Aquatica

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Hi ibemaggie - we can't view a pic without a password?

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