My Biggest Commercial quote yet...eek!

xericladyJuly 5, 2006

I am very impressed with the excellent info all the members provide in this forum. I am experienced with designing, quoting and installing residential xeriscapes. This BIG job has me questioning my numbers. Please give me input. I am installing a very low water use landscape with water harvesting from roof and parking lots at a 100+ unit apt complex. I'm converting 14,000 sq ft. to very low water use plants, gravel boulders, cobblestone, crusher fines, gutter redirection, parking lot cutouts, berms, swales, etc. The grass is already dead. The 'rock' cost for me is going to be $12,000. I'm really perplexed here. What do I charge for installing the rock? I pay $8.00 - $10.00 for simple labor. It is 54 tons of crusher fines, 48 tons of crushed granite gravel, 33 tons of cobble and 3 tons of boulders.

I'm also installing over 250 plants, and converting 6 different areas to drip (for the first 2 years). Finally, if someone could tell me what to charge for tractor work? I figure about 20+ hours of mechanical earthmoving plus major hand contouring for all this water catchment. Thanks in advance for all your help.

One more thing. There are two sandy playground areas about 25' x 25'. Any suggestions on bordering these? I was thinking cement curbing. They have metal borders now.

Total quote is $43,752. I am not going to use this high number, but it is what I came up with! Please help.

Xeric Lady in Albuquerque.

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miss_rumphius_rules(z6 NJ)

In my neck of the woods some basic pricing to the client would be--$40/hr for labor, 50-60/hr for a foreman, 60-75/hr for an excavator, mark-up on plants is 2.5-3x and includes planting, $50-60 yd for mulching. All of this doesn't include ammendments, soil, gravel, etc. Now if you take those numbers (in the NE) your quote is way, way, toooooo low. Be careful, this is the kind of job you can loose big time on!

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