Viola G. anyone?

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)August 1, 2012

I finally found ONE source who has ONE Viola left but it's a hefty price. So anyone interested shoot me an email.

I now can cross Viola G off my Wishlist. I'm hoping between Viola and Metallica I should have the purple color covered. :)

Moving on to Lani now. And then an Orange color after that.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

What gives, No-Clue? I thought you were moving and had no more room for additional plumies? Can you not control yourself? Laugh.
We've been suffering from a terrible drought with water restrictions looming in the near future yet I keep looking at more plumerias.
I suppose it's a sickness! ;)

How does Viola G. smell?


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Hi Robert...

I am moving on August 15th! At first we were going to crash at a hotel for a few months until our house is done. But we quickly ruled that option out b/c I have over 40 plumerias! LOL.

So the most critical criteria is I have to have a large patio... so we narrowed it down to two places. One has TWO patios... so I am ok for now. I have not been buying as much just the hard to find variety! So maybe about one or two per week? I will stop after I get Lani. Well stop until the Sept Plant sale anyway.

As far as Viola G, mine is a young plant. Only about 18 inches tall. Looks great but NO inflo. So I don't expect her to bloom this year. I hope it will have a great scent. I have not received my Metallica yet.

How are you doing? Are you still looking or are you happy with your plumeria family?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha! You're going to fill those 2 patios with a small forest of plumies! :)

I'm fairly happy (especially after all the work it takes to make gritty mixes for my plumies!) but of course I'm still looking to add at least one more.

Last night I repotted my Scentsational into a much larger pot and it took all my gritty mix so I had to buy more Turface though this time I'm trying the Napa oil absorbent. I was quite impressed with how healthy the roots are in the gritty mix so I can see it's worth the effort it takes to make the stuff.

Anyway to answer your question maybe Gold Coast Peach(y) since it's supposed to be strongly scented of jasmine, coconut and cinnamon candies?
Pink Kiss also sounds intriguing since it's supposed to smell like Apricots and sweet olive (osmanthus).
I'm trying to narrow it down to highly fragrant but also compact growing. :)


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok so you and I have the same goal... compact and great fragrance! I will look into Gold Coast Peach! Thank you Robert.

I'm happy to hear that you like the gritty mix as well. So far so good for me too. But I'm running out... so after my move in two weeks I will restock and make another batch. :)

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NC - I'm so glad you don't have to move into a hotel. Looks like your DH is rather indulgent about your plumie obsession! That can only be a good thing in your case! LOL

Viola G is one I have not run across. Do you have a flower pic that we can see?

Just one more thing... I'm so antsy I don't know what's wrong with me. It's almost like there's something that I'm wanting but I don't know what it is. Ever get that feeling? :)

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Mona maybe when you get your package it might ease your antsy-ness. ;)

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Wow ! NC great find. Hope it blooms for you soon. Peg

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