Tuscan Kale Cutting Rootable?

Reach_For_The_Sun(6)May 17, 2013

I have a Tuscan kale plant that survived the winter and the rabbits. Most of the main stalk is dead but it has new growth at the bottom.

My question is does anyone know or has anyone taken the new growth and rooted them before to make a new plant? Or will it not root or not create a new plant?

If this is possible would you stick it in water or damp soil to root?

Any thoughts about whether or not this can be done and how to go about it would be appreciated.


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Tuscan kale always overwinters here but I have never done this. I imagine that those shoots would root in a damp medium but their genetic age would still be second year and so I am pretty sure they would bolt and you would gain nothing. An alternative is to allow the plants to bolt and then either collect seed or let them self sow. Another possibility is to continue to harvest and see if these plants turn out to be perennial. Kale will sometimes yield for a few years before dying out. Meanwhile I would sow another lot just to cover yourself.

But why not do the experiment? You have nothing to lose.

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Thanks for the information. I did not even remember that they are biennial needing vernalization. Last year my broccoli and arugula produced seed. But thinking about it the brussel sprouts I had only produced seeds after overwintering. I just figured that the kale did not have enough time to grow to produce flowers last year.

I should have thought of that, thanks. Experiment I will and try to root one and get seed or harvest if they get big enough from the main plant.


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