rooting crape myrtle suckers

joe_n_sc(7)May 19, 2006

I'm trying to root crape myrtles from suckers that grew at the base of some trees in my parent's yard. These trees are over 100 yrs old and probably were set out by one of my great-great grandparents. I've trimmed off the lower leaves, mixed sand and potting mix, dipped the cuttings in rooting hormone and put them in a shady place on my porch. I mist them several times a day. Now, my question is, is it normal for these cutting to look wilted? They are bending over and look like they are going to die. Can anyone give me some advice? I really want some trees to keep them in the family. Thanks, Joe_n_sc

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Every thing sounds ok except look at the "age" of the suckers... are they new growth but FIRM ?... also did you remove all but the tip leaf? are they in a draft?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Make sure the cuttings are just a few inches long, too. Keep the planting mix moist but not soggy.

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ok, I did trim some of the leaves but not all but the tip leaves. They were firm new growth when I cut them out from under the parent trees. I did keep them in water over night before I put them in the dirt to root them. Was that a mistake? Thanks, Joe

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I cut the suckers off of several crepe myrtle trees and was told to put them in water with miracle grow until they root. Will this work in Mississippi if left outside?

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panama1(z7 ala)

i have had success with using 2 lt bottles on crepe myrtle cuttings, prepare as usual, mist lightly, then put 2lt bottle over cutting and keep out of direct sun, the cutting does not wilt, or lose the leaves left on it and after about a week i can remove the 2lt top for air circulation, and after about a week remove the bottle... it should keep looking fresh and start having new growth..

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I do the soda bottle thing too with my Rosemary and lavanders I've never had luck with my crape ... idk if I'm using them right type of cuttings how do u tell

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I root a few every year using nothing special. Rootone and a loose mix with bottom heat. Start early in the year to have well established before fall dormancy. Al

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