Propagating Highbush Blueberries?

brandond(6)May 23, 2009

I just propagated 15 highbush spreading style blueberries. I used the new growth cutting technique. All of my cuttings are around 4 inches long. I dipped them in a hormone powder and placed them in 50/50 peat and perlite. I removed all the leaves but the very top ones. I also placed a large plastic container over the top of the cuttings. Oh and IM using a heating mat set at 75 degrees. My cuttings are also located in a shady spot in my greenhouse. Im hand misting the cuttings twice a day. My question is since the cuttings are in my greenhouse, do I still need the plastic container over the top of them to create humidity. I can always just up the humidity in my GH my pouring water on the floor. I also have an overhead mister If thats recomended. This is my first time propagating and I really want some success with my blueberries and I also did some blackberries and hardy kiwi with the same technique. The bluberries were also placed in small pots that I figured would need to be replaced by fall. If im on the right track jsut let me know. I dont want to mess this deal up. thanks

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the plastic container will reduce the amount of misting needed but dose need to be removed 2-3 times a day to allow fresh air......suggest removing plastic & continue to mist as before. The overhead mister will also work but have it misting for 10 seconds once a hour....

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madrone(VancIsl BC)

I'd be interested to hear what kind of success rate you have. I had heard from a local garden guru that they don't propagate well and layering was the most successful way of getting more stock. If your method works, then I'd like to give it a go too.

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An area comercial operation uses cuttings to propagate this plant.

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