Pepper plants have dry spots on leaves

shutteringfocusMay 2, 2013

These peppers are close to two months old.

They started under Fluorescent grow lights inside the house. Past few days have been very nice Around 70ð and very sunny. I've had the plants outside the past two days. I figured since it was so warm they didn't need to be hardened off too much.

Today many of them have these burn spots on them.

I've been letting them dry out inbetween waterings. Yesterday I watered them from the top with a watering can.

I don't know if the bright sun has been too much for them or if it has something to do with getting water on the leaves?

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Are they near the house where a reflection could hit the leaves and magnify a burning sun ray? I would maybe keep them in the shade but introduce them to sun little by little.

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