Plumeria season ending early for me this year.

andrew78(6)August 13, 2014

Here it is mid August and usually our temps are in the low to mid 80's. Today's high...65 degrees! This has been the coolest summer we have had in years. What really makes me upset is that this is also the first year my JJ Orange produces an inflo...a HUGE inflo! Buds are still growing but with temps like this, I will have to move it indoors and grow it under my HPS light.

What really surprises me is that my Taj Mahol is blooming! 2 flower buds have opened so far and both have fully opened without dropping! Maybe the plumeria gods feel sorry for me so they helped Taj Mahol along..LOL! Whatever the reason, at least I have some flowers!

One of my 2 Psycho trees has 2 inflos on it but they are still less than 2 inches tall. I will probably need to also move this one indoors. I am afraid to move Taj. At this point I guess I can only hope that our temps will improve for the rest of summer. I think my Oratai may have an inflo but it is to early to tell.

I have to say, having over 100+ trees and not having the right temps to promote blooming is a big bummer! At least I have 2 tuber rose that are going to bloom! One of them should bloom in a few days. My 5ft tall gardenia tree is budding up somewhat so I also will have that to enjoy.

Maybe I can coax some inflos to form when I move my trees indoors. This has been the worst summer for my plumeria since I started growing them 4 years ago.


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Hi Andrew, I am very sorry that your season is ending early. Maybe Mother nature will give you a break and it will warm up there just enough for you to enjoy some flowers. Barb

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Do you have room for a large greenhouse? Nothing you have to heat, but it would be warmer in there and that would extend your season quite a bit.

My tuberoses are going to town too! The key to good blooming, I've found, is to repot them each spring into large pots and only keep the largest bulbs; throw out the smallest ones (or give them away). I winter mine over up in the rafters of my garage. They are bone dry and kept above 50 degrees. How do you winter yours over?

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Thanks Dave and Barb. I am living in an apartment. I wish my partner and I owned our own home. I would put up a greenhouse in a heart beat!

I never have grown tuber rose before. I am really looking forward to smelling the first blooms! Thanks Dave for you info on over wintering. I'll tell you what. It doesn't even feel like summer here in western NY! Temps have been in the mid to high 60's lately during the day! This morning it was 57!


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Unusually 'cool' here this summer too. Not sure how many days above 90 we've had, but not near as many as usual.

Actually, I'm enjoying the weather and it's been really good on the plants. No heat stress this summer.

I just hope this doesn't mean we'll have a cold Fall and Winter again. Many of my yard plants won't survive another brutally cold season.

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