How to use Root Stimulator?

anghellicMay 27, 2010

I know it sounds like a moronic question. I have post traumatic stress disorde., My Doctor recomended gardening to calm my nerves, But I live on the second floor of an apartment. So I choose Bonsai, which is something I am already familiar with. I am going to start by using the clipping method (of bonsai) of certin genus of trees. How would I use a root stimulator in this case?

One person recomended I dip the clippings into the root stimulator & letting it soak in a cup of water. To me it seems the tree-clipping would drowned. All help will be appriciated.

Thank you very much.

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"Root stimulators" increase the bulk of roots after they have already formed..... "Rooting Hormones" promote initial root growth. where thre is none.....
its a matter of language of propagation but an important difference

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