Wampi (clausena)

Liatris(FraserCoast,Qld)May 13, 2005

Should clausena seeds be sown immediately they are removed from the fruit (ie not allowed to dry out), or can they safely be dried out for postage?

Many thanks

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FlytrpL8E(z8b CA)

Hye there Liatris,
Not really knowing what you are talking about, I am jest taking a shot in the dark here.AKA educated guess. I found a place on the internet that says the seeds sprout within a few days.It didn't say whether or not to dry them . if you have enough of these seeds, I would dry some and plant the others. then you can tell me which works best, if i ever come across any of these seeds, then I will know what to do.

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Thanks, Lois. I don't have a lot of seeds, but it is worth doing a trial as you suggest, simply for future reference.

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

How did you go with these Pam ? I just tried some , mmm delicous .. mine sprouted very fast and I am wondering how fast they grow .

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