WS Dance

z4herblady(4)May 4, 2008

Gave it a go and WOW what a therapeutic winter sport.

Have sprouts of things never seen in garden centers and totally new to me. Such as Kiss me over the garden gate, convolvulus, sweet sultan and bronze alyssums.

I totally enjoyed every aspect of this endeavor, even to the the extent that a forecast of snow meant moisture for the jugs (like a summer rain in July).

What are your happenings?

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This is my second year ws and i love it too. I have 65 containers sprouted. Next week I will start planting them out.

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i lost all my markings but i am having so much fun with this!! its awesome!! i watch the stuff grow and i think hmmm is it edible?? LOL then it gets a flower, sometimes i still wonder. but i can't believe the roots!!! next year i am sooo there!! that's for sure!!

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