Pest that chews leaves, leaves behind "ink"?

peps22July 16, 2014

Does anyone know of a pest that likes to chew pepper leaves, and leaves behind a blueish-black, inky substance on the leaves?

They like my cayennes and jalapenos, have not touched the superhots.

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Could you post pics?

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I got money on it being a hornworm, but haven't seen the picture yet.

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Here is a pic. Leaf damage on the leaves looks the same on all, but here's a good pic of the inky substance. I caught some slugs on my pole beans yesterday AM after a soggy night, but they are a solid 30 feet away from the peppers.

Don't hornworms leave poop that is clumpy? Not just a liquid?

I sprinkled Sevin dust last week, didnt seem to work. If it's a catepillar, I guess Sevin wouldn't be the answer anyways.

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Could it be a japanese beetle?

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Found this from '07.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bugs eating Pepper leaves!!

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