Boxwood Propagation

jaggudada(5A)May 22, 2011

I would like to propagate boxwood plants by stem cutting method. From what I have read so far suggests to use mixture of sand and peat moss or straight mix of perlite or vermiculite. I have miracle seed starting mix, also do I need to use root growth hormone liquid?

Can you put some seed starting mix in flower pot, cut up a branch, remove few bottom leaves and stick it and keep it outside in shady area and keep it moist. How long it takes for the roots to grow? Once it puts out roots then you can transplant in a bigger container or in the ground.

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Boxwood is pretty straight forward to start from tip cuttings. I usually use a cutting about 4 to 6 inches long with most of the leaves removed. I use tented containers on a 70 degree heat mat with a primarily perlite mix. I would allow about 2 months time for rooting enough to transplant. Al

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My experience rooting boxwood was successful. After trimming 2 large globe BW topiaries, I decided to try propagating a few sprigs before composting them.
I had some left over landscape pots so I mixed 50/50 sand and potting soil and filled the pot 1/2 fill so to cover it if necessary. Which I never did.
I ended up doing 4 pots with 4"-7" sprigs just a few inches apart. I did use rooting hormone. I sat the pots behind some holly bushes, in the shade, and watered when it did not rain to keep them moist. I just left them thru our very bitter cold winter and then checked in March and was surprised they had rooted.
I potted each up in 1.5 liter water bottles that I saved, cutting off the tops and punching holes in the bottom, in potting soil. I now have 78 pretty little boxwoods sitting in my open cold frame. There were 11 that did not root. I'm imagining all kinds of things to do with them.

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