Should I repot now, or wait for Spring?

tomatotomataAugust 8, 2012

I got my Ca Sunset from Jungle Jack a couple of weeks ago. It's in 5-gallon pot. Next spring, I hope to plant it in the ground, but until then, should I repot it in some gritty mix, or leave it alone?

I'm in coastal S. CA; we are just getting our hottest weather, (but it almost never gets over 80) and will stay warm for a couple of months.

I'm also considering plunging the pot in the ground. Would doing both (repotting and plunging) be overkill? One or the other better?

Or should i just assume Jungle Jack potted it in good mix, and leave well enough alone?

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I'm sure there are others here with more/better info, but I would either just leave it alone, or go ahead and put it in the ground now. It doesn't seem worth it to possibly stress out the plant by messing with the roots, only to take it out of the container permanently in 6-7 months.

I've planted 4 plumeria in the ground (I'm in inland So Cal) in the summer (2 late last summer, 2 this summer), and all of them are doing fine. I didn't mess with the roots at all, though - just dug a hole and followed tdogdad's directions on how he plants in the ground. When I actually planted the plumeria, I cut away the pot, put the plant in the hole, and re-filled the extra space left over. None of the plants have skipped a beat. I think the only thing you would really want to look out for is acclimating the plant to the area where you plan on planting it first.

If you search "planting a plumeria in the ground" in this forum, there are several good posts about it.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi There!!

I would either Plunge or just leave it. No need to mess with repotting now.. My two Cents.. " )



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Zone 10? I'd stick it in the ground. I planted 4 in the past week in the front yard.
Tally HO!

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Whoa - you're brave to put your plumeria in the front yard! I've been thinking about putting one there, but I'm afraid other people would come take a whack at it ... so it's behind-the-fence, backyard-only for me!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

LOL Daogirl... you really think people will take a Whack at it? Somehow that just sounded funny to me. :)

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I planted them in the hell strip LOL! By the time they start to bloom they will be good and anchored out there.
Tally HO!

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Thanks for the feedback. I can't plant it in the ground yet, because I'm working on that yard, and I might have to move it, so I guess I'll plunge it for the time being.

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I personally like to wait until spring for cold-sensitive plants purchased close to fall or later. If you're in a 10 I suppose you're safe from frost, but still... I like to give them as much time as possible to develop a root system in the ground and become established before cooler weather hits.

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