New England dilemna

greengrass12(5)July 30, 2014

or maybe just me. Peppers are running at least 2 weeks probably more behind prior yrs. Days have been exceptional but nights have been very cool for much of the summer so far. Most peppers are only half grown. Hoping that they are not running out of time. Is anybody else in this part of the country having this problem?

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I'm north of Bawstan freegrass & everything fine except Habs, smaller & slow to grow this year.

Good luck,

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Western NC has been in 90's/80's during the day and often in 50's or low 60's at night. I've lived in this state for 3 years now and haven't felt it so chilly during the night until this summer.

It might be due to the global cooling... Antarcticas air kept circulating rather than spreading out like usual over the recent winter. But might be all HARP related.

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I am in southern PA and my plants are experiencing the same conditions they look like my plants would normally look in Sept-Oct putting out pods that are pushing to ripen without being full size, random leaves yellowing here and there. I got two normal size peppers off of them then the cool blast came, now smaller peppers are changing color. I hope the warmer nights coming up makes the plants bounce back. Even some trees not many, foliage around here have changed in color.

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ironmike_usmc zone 6A CT

This is my first year growing, so I don't have anything to compare them to, but, after correcting a severe blossom drop problem, my plants have really taken off in the past few weeks. Maybe just beginner's luck! The weather around here (south central CT) is supposed to be fantastic for at least the next week. Best of luck. Hope everything works out for you.


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Thanks for the feedback confirming that cool nights can have such an effect.

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My plants are all about a foot tall, a few have pods but most just started flowering. I start them in mid-March and set them out mid-June. The only ripe pod I have is a purple serrano (it has a 2nd pod now) in a 8" mum pot that I overwintered and now have out on the porch. It's scrawny, but it's producing.

Oh joy, Saturday's high is supposed to be 68 and it's going to rain - again (we had 3/4" last weekend). So far the first week of August isn't looking like great pepper (or tomato) weather - temps aren't bad, but overcast or raining all week.

But at least the leaves aren't turning (WOW!)

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I start my hots march 22. They are too tall to keep under lights and too pot bound to not get out by june 1. They would be half dead if I kept them under lights in the house beyond june 1. In fact this year I am going to start them a few days later.

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I started peppers March 15-16, started hardening off June 2 this year, but didn't get them transplanted until June 17-18 due to some heavy rains (moved them inside the garage then) and transplanting 200 tomatoes in early June. There are only so many hours in a day (and only so many days the first 2 weeks of June that I could get outside)!

This is the latest I've ever started peppers, I started the tomatoes even later, figuring on a late spring like last year. This June wasn't quite so cold and rainy as last year though. Next year I'll start earlier since I should have plastic on the tunnel in March (or as soon as the snow melts and the mud isn't too deep to get back to my main growing area).

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